don’t go far from my side lieutenant

don’t go far from my side lieutenant

sakuasablogger ASKED: I'm really glad I found you.. (: I use tumblr to keep my memories alive, and I love your blog, because I can find a lot of things that I loved in FMA.. ^^ I almost forgot them, but your photos reminded me. Please never stop posting.. because I always here and follow you!

Greetings from Hungary, by a 16-years-old girl! <3

Thanks a lot, that’s me who’s pleased to see you like what I do…

By trying to remind you all this moments, it’s a way for me too to keep FMA in my memory. 

Thank you again for encourage this little but useful tumblr, I really hope some other tumblr like this one will emerge with the same purpose.

Kisses and hugs, from France, by a 15-years-old girl ;) <3

Thanks to all my followers ~

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I do my best for give you maximum of reasons to never forget Fullmetal Alchemist and make remind you all emotions this manga brings.

*once again, sorry, my english is bad to death ==”*

Hero Tales

Don’t you think in Hero Tales, the new Arakawa’s manga, Taitou seems just like… Edward ? And Laila like Winry ?

  • Taitou (center)


  • Laila


  • Edward

  • Winry

No ? Really ? Not even the same cutie face ?

TAGS:   Fullmetal Alchemist.   Hero Tales.   Edward Elric.   Winry Rockbell.   Taitou.   Laila.
And this is&#8230; Mini skirt revolution, baby&#160;!

And this is… Mini skirt revolution, baby !


TAGS:   First Anime.   Fullmetal Alchemist.   Jean Havoc.   Roy Mustang.   Tiny Miniskirt.
TAGS:   Fullmetal Alchemist.   Brotherhood.   Alphonse Elric.   Edward Elric.   May Chang.   Screenshot.
TAGS:   Fullmetal Alchemist.   Screenshot.   Elric Family.   Brotherhood.
TAGS:   Fullmetal Alchemist.   Brotherhood.   Screenshot.   Childhood.   Edward Elric.   Alphonse Elric.   Winry Rockbell.